DNA Extraction 7-25-16

On July 25, ACES students explored the topic of DNA.  Students discovered that DNA can be found in all living things and that DNA is what makes us all unique.  Then, students participated in a hands on activity where they removed cells from their cheek and extracted the DNA from those cells.  The students were then able to see strands of their DNA in a solution.


MU Health Professions Summit 7-17-16 to 7-20-16

On July 17 through July 20, ACES students from the Southeastern Missouri region attended a Health Professions Summit at the University of Missouri Columbia.  There were 33 AHEC students present from across the state.  The students learned about many different health professions and college life.  Students toured the MU medical school, school of nursing, and the school of health professions.  They also participated in hands on activities and simulation labs.  Activities included: birthing simulation, patient exams, and many other activities using the technology and equipment used at the different schools.  Students were not only introduced to many different careers in medicine and nursing they also learned about the different allied health professions.  They participated in activities for careers in physical therapy, occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, speech therapy, rad technician, and ultrasound technologist.  Throughout this experience the students were exposed to many different health professions and activities.


Oral Health Education with Youth 6-27-16

On June 27, ACES students volunteered at a local Summer Day Camp.  100 children were present, ages ranged from 5 to 14 years old.  ACES students, AHEC staff, and dental hygienist, Emma Karafa, presented information on proper oral health care.  They also demonstrated brushing and flossing techniques for the children to practice.


Circulatory System Design Challenge! 5-26-16

On May 26, ACES students learned more about the circulatory system.  They participated in a design challenge as well, using a unique combination of tubing, pumps, and one-way valves, ACES students competed to model the heart’s pumping action and gain a better understanding of how blood circulation works in the body.  Students constructed models of blood flow through a closed-loop system and performed a series of increasingly complex design challenges to demonstrate their knowledge of how vessels, heart valves, and contracting chambers work together.