SCTC OHCAP DNA Necklaces 10-3-16

On October 3, students explored the topic of DNA. Students discovered that DNA can be found in all living things and that DNA is what makes us all unique. Then, students participated in a hands on activity where they removed cells from their cheek and extracted the DNA from those cells. The students were then able to see strands of their DNA in a solution. OHCAP students will be teaching their mentor kids how to perform this activity at their next meeting.

South Pemiscot OHCAP 9-13-16

Students turned in applications for the ACES program and filled out their beginning participation forms.  Students learned some of the resources provided through the Missouri Connections website.  Next, students studied each other’s reflexes and visually evoked reactions using clinically accepted methods and materials.  They also learned the neurological difference between a reflex and a reaction as well as the protective value of various reflex mechanisms.


Sikeston OHCAP 8-18-16

Students in Health Occupations I at the Sikeston Career & Technology Center were introduced to the OHCAP program.  Students also participated in a hands-on cast making workshop.  Students learned how to prepare high-quality, permanent casts of their arms, hands, and feet with a kit from Carolina Biological Supply.